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Front space facing 5th Ave overlooking Madison Square Park

“Everything is Energy.” - Albert Einstein


This is what Einstein proved with E=mc², meaning that there is no difference  between matter and energy since each is simply one form of the other.


If we are energy, then what creates our individual vibration?  

Our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions create it.

When your vibration changes, everything changes.


View of Broadway in the Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy space

Mind Medical, located directly across the street from Madison Square Park in Manhattan, New York, offers an accessible and robust alternative to the treatment of mental wellness when other more traditional routes of medical care have been exhausted and ultimately proven unproductive.  Mind Medical specializes in treating a variety of psychiatric conditions including, but not limited to treatment resistant depression, dysthymic disorder (chronic functional depression), bipolar depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, social anxiety, postpartum depression, as well as those in existential crisis or fear of death during the end-stage of life.

Set in a luxurious, tranquil and safe environment, Mind Medical stands out from other ketamine centers by providing pampered care in a spa-like setting, allowing you to relax into and further enhance your experience. 


You will not be placed in a box.  You will enter a living and breathing space of love and compassion and of acceptance.  You are welcome here to heal as you are. You are welcome to be.  You are welcome to heal in whatever manner you are called to heal. 

Mind Medical recognizes our external world and perception of reality can clog the flow of our inner radiance and awareness of our being.  Our mission is to bring calmness and clarity from the chaos from within, to facilitate our release from the trap of duality to allow a state of flow through ketamine therapy.

"The mind that turns ever outward will have no end in craving.  Only the mind turned inward will find a still point of peace."  - The Tao

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