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You are the medicine.
Relaxing in Nature

Mind Medical is a mental wellness space dedicated to healing and conscious expansion with the support of medicinal Ketamine, creative arts (music, dance, poetry, art making) and community.  This space will allow you to achieve a state of flow, peace and joy in your life. 

Our Philosophy

You are a life force and have immense power that illuminates from within.  Each of us was born with this and it can never be taken away by anyone or anything.  It is, however, events and situations in our lives that have preoccupied our minds with dualities--the staff of the ego.  The ego developed as a defense mechanism to protect us from pain and suffering.  It continues to respond to any threat it perceives.  This perception often develops our identity, our relationships to others and to the world around us.  These experiences overlay on top of the other like the skins of an onion, hiding us from our authentic self and inhibiting our purest self expression.  


There is only one of you in all of time.  You are beautifully and wonderfully unique and the fullest expression of your essence desires to be manifested.

Our Process
Aromatic Oil

To enhance your journey with each session, you will go through an immersive experience of the senses that includes Prelude (smell and touch), The Journey (sound and interoception) and Integration (sight and taste).  There will be trained medical professionals on site providing gentle vitals monitoring and to assist in every part of the session to ensure safety.  Each session is 3 hours in length and we recommend a minimum of four sessions with intermittent sessions a few times a year if necessary.  


While we would like to welcome everyone to heal through Ketamine, like other medicines there are contraindications with certain medical and psychiatric conditions.  Hence, we screen to determine if Ketamine will be safe for you.  

Our Space

Here at Mind Medical, you will not be placed in a box.  You will not be isolated from others.  You will enter a living and breathing space of love, compassion, acceptance and community.  This space is magical with 14 ft high ceilings, over 3500 square feet that fills up with music and light overlooking Madison Square Park on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, New York.

New York City is a creative mecca that invites a global community to find home.  This is a city of hope and potential.  It has tremendous creative energy that thrives on diversity and inclusivity.


New York City also attracts healers of many disciplines, from psychiatric providers, psychologists/therapists, spiritual guides and teachers, as well as healers from the world of the arts like musicians, dancers, poets, writers, actors and visual artists.  Here at Mind Medical, we recognize the importance of various modalities of healing  and welcome a diversity of healers to this space.

Welcome Home

Mind Medical offers an alternative to the treatment of mental wellness when other more traditional routes of medical care have been exhausted and when you have reached a point in therapy when various modes of communication are ineffable. 


Mind Medical specializes in treating a variety of psychiatric conditions including, but not limited to treatment resistant depression, dysthymia (chronic functional depression), bipolar depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, social anxiety, postpartum depression, existential crisis, and fear of death during the end-stage of life.  

Open yourself up to yourself.

Embrace the mystery from within.

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